How it works

Setup Free Creator Account

Sign up and set up your FANTACY profile. Become a verified creator in less than 3 minutes, then populate your profile with content. Think about what you really can give regularly and what your fans will be happy about. Do not complicate!

Connect with Fans

Promote your account and get your first subscribers to engage with via messages, live streams or pay to view content. Tell your followers that you now have a profile on FANTACY. Post in all your social networks to notify your subscribers.

Earn Money

Exclusive content for my subscribers. Post about updates on the FANTACY page on your social networks to attract more subscribers. 88% of everything you make can be withdrawn as soon as it hits your balance! Be active and attentive to your subscribers.


Frequently Asked Questions ?

What is FANTACY?
FANTACY is a custom built fan-site which provides content creators, influencers and adult performers a platform to upload their content (pictures, videos, albums) and sell them through a subscription model. Our site has been created with the goal of making it as simple as possible for creators to monetise and increase their fan base, as well as fans being able to find & interact with their favourite creators or even find new creators according to their taste.

How can create on FANTACY?
Fantacy is a home for all creators, you could be an influencer, adult creator, athlete, artist and so much more. We’ve built a home free of overbearing censorship.

How much can I make on FANTACY?
The total you can earn on Fantacy is unlimited, you’re totally in control. With Fantacy you take home 88% of your earnings for your first 12 months, 80% thereafter. There are creators on the platform making hundreds of thousands each month, the skies your limit! ?

How long does it take to become a creator on FANTACY?
Less than 5 minutes! Once you have created a user account, all you need to do is go through our instant ID verification process and you’ll be good to go.

Can I use the FANTACY affiliate system even if I am not verified?
Yes, your earnings will accumulate but you must get verified in order to receive a payout.
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